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Why Famagusta Student Dormıtorıes

Ugursal Student Dormitory, among Famagusta dormitory options, offers a successful working environment and perfect living spaces in every respect. The location and the vital necessities are combined under one roof and the best quality dormitory option in the region is creating the working environment where the students will be successful.
There is a prejudice between people that living in Famagusta is expensive. Don’t think that Famagusta is a difficult place to live. For accommodation, there are lots of cheap dorms in Famagusta. You can choose one of them near the university to live. If you decide to stay in Uğursal Student Dormitory in Famagusta, you can ignore transportation cost. Cheap dorms in Famagusta are generally near to the university. You can reach your class by walking in ten minutes.
After solving accommodation problem, it is time to find where you eat. Especially for students, being near to restaurants, cafes and shopping centers are important. If you don’t have a car, please don’t panic. Cheap dorms in Famagusta are also near to attractions such as good and cheap restaurants.
Uğursal Student Dormitory has the best location for any need. Also, you can cook by yourself in the dormitory. All rooms of Uğursal Student Dormitory include mini fridge for your usage.
Around East Mediterranean University there are many cheap dorms in Famagusta. Uğursal Student Dormitory is the most popular one with its advantages. Besides its quality, payment conditions are also easier than any other dormitory. You can pay online. Cheap dorms in Famagusta are price-favorable when services are considered.
Do not suppose that quality is low in cheap dorms in Famagusta. Security and cleaning services are usually included in dorm prices. Uğursal Student Dormitory offers daily cleaning service for its guests. With 24 hour security, your children are in safe. You don’t have to be worried about your children in abroad.
For banking transactions, there are many atm of each bank in the campus of East Mediterranean University. Most of the cheap dorms in Famagusta are located in the university campus.
Transportation to the city center is easy and quick. There is a bus stop in the dormitory zone of East Mediterranean University. There is always ring service between dormitory and city center.
You can take advantage of Health Centre of East Mediterranean University. Besides, that dormitory zone is 5 minutes far away from Famagusta State Hospital by walking.
For newcomers of East Mediterranean University, there may be some suggestions for them. To stay, choose one of the cheap dorms in Famagusta. Then hang out after cost-saving thanks to your accommodation decision. You can find most important attractions of Famagusta below.
The most original place in Northern Cyprus is Famagusta. Famagusta is a living example of medieval architecture. Also, the port of Famagusta is the most important symbol of the city.
There are ramparts in Famagusta that resemble the walls of Istanbul. Othello Castle is located on those walls. The castle was designed in the construction of the barracks, which was called the 'impenetrable castle' due to the trenches that opened up to Kaley.
Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque was turned into a gallery of the Catholic Cathedral of St. Nikolas. This place is such an interesting point to visit for history lovers. There are 14 towers and a fortification gate in Famagusta, which has walls similar to Istanbul. These walls, built by Venetians in large numbers, make the city fascinating from the beginning.

Famagusta Dorms Prıces

Famagusta Student Dormitory near Emu

EMU Advantages in Dormitory Fees We offer students the opportunity to benefit from special discounts for all registered students in our dormitories. Apart from our dormitory fees, we do not charge extra for services such as internet, water, cleaning electricity. Students can benefit from the dormitory facilities as much as they want. Although our discounted dormitory prices are very attractive, our dormitory quality standards are quite high. Student residence is the most preferred and most preferred student residence in the dormitory region. Our student building is a dormitory building with modern architectural style that is resistant to fire, flood, heat and sound. In order to benefit from the discount opportunities in EMU dormitory fees, you have to apply before the quota is full.