Famagusta Dorms

Quality Address Uğursal Student Dormitory

With its modern management approach, Uğursal Student Dormitory, emu dorm, famagusta dorm offers unmissable opportunities with its advantageous position in Eastern Mediterranean University campus. Because it is located in the residential zone within the campus, it is within walking distance to all the units of the faculties and administrative buildings. In this sense, Uğursal Student Dormitory, which provides easy life for students, stands out among other Famagusta dormitories. Dormitory students can easily take advantage of buses that run between the city center and the university campus by using the stop right next to the dormitory. Uğursal Student Dormitory is also located within 2 minutes walk from the university's health center.

Live Your Comfort in Uğursal Student Dormitory

In order to provide the highest quality service to its distinguished guests, famagusta dorm students, Uğursal Student Dormitory with its experienced staff aims to provide the emu dorm students with the comfort of their home with 105 standard rooms and 14 suite rooms. Within the dormitory building, there are many services such as supermarket, barber, restaurant and cafe for students convenience. Ugursal Student Dormitory attracts attention with its spacious and bright rooms according to the Famagusta dorms in the region, trying to keep the comfort of the students at the highest level. Rooms are cleaned twice a week and beddings are changed weekly as the common parts and kitchens are cleaned every day by the housekeeping team.

In addition, they can benefit from the stove, oven and microwave in the kitchen, which is located in each floor, as well as famagusta dorm students. Ugursal Student Dormitory provides 24 hour security camera and private security service, for a safe living environment. For the safety of our students, necessary security precautions are taken by monitoring the indoor and outdoor with camera system. There is WiFi service in the dormitory with no extra charge, internet services are included in the dormitory fee.

Quality Life in Uğursal Student Residence

Uğursal Student Dormitory, is a dormitory which focused on quality service with its experience staff. Our main and primary goal is to see the satisfaction and happiness of the students and their parents. Uğursal Student Dormitory, which is the preferred choice in terms of easy payment options then other EMU dormitories, also offers installment payment options. If Famagusta dormitory guests wish, they can pay with credit cards and online. Uğursal Student Dormitory, which is waiting for you with many advantages on the Eastern Mediterranean University campus, stands out with the comfort that affordable options and famagusta dorm, emu dorm students provide. Uğursal Student Dormitory, which adopts the private dormitory management determined by the Ministry of National Education and adopts its own principle, is working with an experienced staff to provide quality services for students.